Waikoloa Hotel & Beach Resort

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What water and outdoor activities can you enjoy at Waikoloa

a. Banana Boat – Enjoy the ocean breeze while splashing through the inflatable water being sled pulled by a motorboat! Available at Php 300 per person (Max of 7)

b. Jet Ski – Jet ski is exhilarating and the perfect way to enjoy the sandy beaches, coves and deep blue sea teeming with coral reefs that Zambales is famous for. Available at Php 2,200 for 30 minutes and Php 3,900 for 1 hour.

c. Private Boat Tours – Zambales is famous for beach towns like San Antonio, San Narciso and San Felipe. It is also the home of the famous Anawangin, Nagsasa, Silanguin and Talisayen Cove and even boasts surf spots like Crystal Beach , Liwliwa and Pundaquit. All of these can be explored via the private boat tours of Waikoloa Hotel and Beach Resort. Available Php 11,000 per hour